Back to Victoria

I fly back to Victoria on Sunday. The past few days the weather has been amazing in Portugal. It is nice to get some natural Vitamin D. I don’t want to go back to the rain! Thankfully the forecast is looking a little better now.

Which of course is way better than Norway (apparently there is a meter of ice on the lake at the Norwegian Training Centre)

And Sweeden

I did my best to capture a sunny day here – not the greatest panorama, but I wanted to show how there are no clouds, just sun and blue sky.

Really this picture sums it up:

The weather was not always perfect, I thought I was going to sink one day, but most important, the training has been awesome.

Looking forward to finishing it off tomorrow with the Head of the Cork 6km race.

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6 days of Training Visualized

First six days of training in Portugal all on one map – you can also check out the lake on google maps.

The lake is amazing – You can go in three directions from the dock, either 12, 13 or 10 km each way. In most places it is around 6 lanes wide. There is a good mix of wind and nice water.

No Ogopogo so far, but plenty of Storks.

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New Zealand!

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